28 - 30 January, 2019
Hilton Hotel Mainz, Mainz, Germany

Dr. Lee Schlenker

Business Analytics Institute

3:15 PM Deriving value from process automation

•  What your data says about stakeholder pain
•  Where AI can improve your organizational processes
•  Transforming the data into stakeholder value

11:30 AM Workshop C | Stakeholder value and process automation in the regional hubs

Automating airport processes doesn’t directly lead to stakeholder value any more than increasing amounts of data lead to better decision-making. In this context, this workshop explores where and how AI techniques can “improve” organizational processes, and then discusses the conditions for transforming the results into stakeholder value. The workshop evaluates these proposals in light of the context of the objectives, agenda and resources of the regional hubs.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Lee.

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